Lamborghini Car Mats


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Lamborghini - handcrafted car mats made of eco-friendly EVA material, known for durability and superior performance compared to regular rubber or textile mats. Choose from a variety of colors for personalized protection.


  • Designed to fit perfectly with the interior of each individual car
  • Additional accessories for the driver's mat (Photo no. 2)
  • Fast delivery within 4-7 working days.
  • Free shipping service in the USA
  • Price is for complete set
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 are made of EVA material, which is widely recognized and appreciated worldwide for its unique properties. With a special rhombus pattern surface, these mats effectively trap dirt and moisture, preventing them from spreading on the mat. This ensures that your shoes remain clean and your car stays tidy at all times.

Why choose for your Lamborghini ? We do not doubt their quality, and for those who are considering, we present the main features of Lamborghini mats:


Organic and eco-friendly:

  • Made of eco-friendly EVA material
  • Recyclable material for sustainability and longevity
  • Odorless


Durable and practical:

  • Durable and long-lasting mats (up to 10 years depending on usage)
  • Practical and suitable for both winter and summer
  • Resistant even to large changes in temperature and humidity
  • Effectively absorbs dirt, sand, snow and moisture
  • The interior of the car looks much cleaner compared to regular mats
  • Protects and does not damage footwear
  • Easy to maintain - clean as you normally would


Quality guarantee and individual attention:

  • We provide a 2-year quality guarantee
  • We carefully sew in Europe (Lithuania) especially for your car
  • Maximum coverage of the car interior
  • Fits perfectly and does not slip (fixed with special fasteners or stickers)
  • Lightweight mats (regular set weighs approximately 5 lbs)
  • The set includes 2 front and 1 or 2 rear mats (there may be more mats) depending on the car model
  • The indicated price of the rugs is for a complete set
  • 16 mats and 17 border colors to choose from


Our recommendations:

  • Heel pad will additionally protect the driver's mat
  • Left leg footrest (tongue) protects car carpet and underfloor mat from water and dirt


Fast and no-cost shipping:

  • Fast and free shipping in 4-7 business days across the USA


If you need assistance or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach us at  [email protected]

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